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dear retro gamer, i’m cur­rently in my mid-fifties and i’ve been gam­ing since i’ve been old enough to hold a joy­stick. Gam­ing has given me a tremen­dous amount of plea­sure over the years and it’s a jour­ney i’ve fol­lowed since the ear­li­est ar­cade games and home com­put­ers be­gan ap­pear­ing in the Seven­ties. i’ve played prob­a­bly thou­sands of games over the last 40 years and gone through lots of dif­fer­ent sys­tems, from the ZX81 to the PS3, but now i’m sim­ply con­tent to read mag­a­zines like retro gamer and try new games on the rasp­berry Pi my son built for me.

it feels like lately a lot of gam­ing greats have left us, and it’s up­set­ting to see. i used to adore Bob Wake­lin’s art­work for ocean Soft­ware and i was in awe of Paul Woakes’ work on the Com­modore 64. i know their work lives on, but it doesn’t make the pain any eas­ier to deal with. you prob­a­bly think i’m be­ing silly griev­ing over peo­ple i never knew, but i knew their games and their work and it meant the world to me. i hope there are other read­ers out there that feel the same way as me. david Giles

we’re sure you’re not the only per­son to mourn the loss of gam­ing leg­ends, we clearly do. as you’ve al­ready pointed out, the best thing any­one can do in a sit­u­a­tion like this is to sim­ply look back and en­joy the lega­cies that have been left be­hind. as long as you’re still en­joy­ing the games, art and mu­sic they’ll al­ways be a part of you and what you love.

[Atari ST] We may have lost greats such as Paul Woakes, but you can still en­joy their games.

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