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Ican still clearly re­mem­ber my first ex­pe­ri­ence of Tetris. I was in Den­sham Com­put­ers as I had a bit of pocket money to spend and I was look­ing for my next pur­chase. I re­mem­ber brows­ing through a mea­gre se­lec­tion of Am­strad games and try­ing to choose be­tween the lat­est Code­mas­ters re­leases, when I saw a group gath­ered around one of the com­put­ers.

I wasn’t pre­pared for the sight that greeted me as the game looked so ba­sic. Dif­fer­ent coloured blocks were fall­ing down­wards, only to be ro­tated and moved around by the per­son play­ing. It looked dull, and yet I could stop watch­ing the del­uge of shapes fall down­wards. I was mes­merised.

A lack of money at the time meant that my first dal­liance with Tetris was brief, but we be­came reac­quainted when I ac­quired a Game Boy in the early Nineties and fell in love with Bul­let-proof Soft­ware’s ver­sion of the game. I’ve been a fan ever since and it’s sat­is­fy­ing to fi­nally share that love with you across our two fan­tas­tic cover de­signs.

If you’re not a fan of Tetris, then you’ll find plenty to get you in a spin this is­sue, in­clud­ing ar­ti­cles on Atari’s Real­sports se­ries, the mak­ing of 8-bit load­ing screens and the ground­break­ing To­tal An­ni­hi­la­tion.

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En­joy the mag­a­zine!

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