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dear retro gamer, firstly, a big thank you for hav­ing a let­ters page still. So many publi­ca­tions have ei­ther dropped them or don’t bother to have them at all. i re­quested a let­ters page in one pub­li­ca­tion i buy, and the edi­tor said he’d put a call out for let­ters. he never did. and, thus, he doesn’t re­ceive let­ters. Catch-22? it’s great to read other peo­ple’s views. even in an age of fo­rums and so­cial me­dia, it’s nice to have a col­lec­tion of view­points gath­ered to­gether on one page; plus, in years to come, peo­ple pick­ing up back is­sues will be able to get a feel for what to­day’s read­er­ship thought about games. keep up the good work.

have you ever done a fea­ture on Mi­cro Ma­chines? Start­ing off as very tiny toy cars (if you lost them, that was it), the fran­chise even­tu­ally ‘mi­grated’ to the videogame world. there have been a few games, but i don’t think you can beat 1991’s Mi­cro Ma­chines game for the nes. that game gave me hours of fun, and was one of the most ad­dic­tive games of the time.

you would have my eter­nal and undy­ing grat­i­tude if you were to do a fea­ture on Mi­cro Ma­chines.

Stephen Parry

Hi stephen, glad you en­joy the mail­bag. we’ve been think­ing about new ways to get com­mu­nity con­tent into the magazine too, with this month’s How to sec­tion be­ing the start of that.

we’re big fans of the Mi­cro Ma­chines se­ries, and have done three ma­jor fea­tures on its games in the past. those were the mak­ing of Mi­cro Ma­chines in is­sue 79, the His­tory of Mi­cro Ma­chines in is­sue 113, and the mak­ing of Mi­cro Ma­chines 2 and Turbo Tour­na­ment in is­sue 151. we also took a brief look at Mi­cro Ma­chines V3 in a Clas­sic mo­ments spread re­cently, in is­sue 182.

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