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dear retro gamer,

What’s hap­pened to the sec­tion where peo­ple show off their col­lec­tions? i was fas­ci­nated by see­ing the dif­fer­ent stuff peo­ple had col­lected.

on that note here is my re­cently com­pleted Pal dream­cast set. i man­aged to get the last game from a gam­ing mar­ket, amaz­ing place to go and a great ex­pe­ri­ence. do your writ­ers ever go to them?

Would love to see an ar­ti­cle on Vir­tua Ten­nis, one of my favourite dream­cast games…

Jojo mc­neill

we’d love to do some­thing on Vir­tua Ten­nis in the fu­ture – it’s a great game that be­came a fan­tas­tic se­ries, and we’ve sunk more hours than we care to count into the world tour modes over the years.

as for Col­lec­tor’s Cor­ner, we’re cur­rently look­ing at ways to change up our com­mu­nity con­tent, and col­lec­tors are very much a part of that – ex­pect to see it back soon. In the mean­time, we ap­plaud your achieve­ment in putting to­gether the com­plete Dream­cast set. Both nick and Dar­ran have had that goal in the past, but nei­ther ended up fin­ish­ing it. when we asked nick why he quit, he mum­bled some­thing about not hav­ing the com­mit­ment to own two ECW wrestling games.

we haven’t made it to one of the gam­ing mar­kets yet, but you’ll oc­ca­sion­ally see us at events. of course, now you’ve got to pick a new tar­get for your next trip to a gam­ing mar­ket – maybe a bookazine will help?

Jojo Mc­neill’s PAL Dream­cast col­lec­tion is cer­tainly im­pres­sive – look for Col­lec­tor’sCor­ner to re­turn soon.

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