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the Laird

noth­ing will ever beat the cheese­fest of Let’s Go Away – noth­ing ever!

mr jen­zie

The game over mu­sic. i was com­plete toss at this game!


g,a,m,e,o,v,e,r, gameover, gameovergam e over game over game over!

Den­ni­son seeto

Sky High from ex­pert Stage. i never heard it prop­erly on the ar­cade ver­sion (i guess it was muf­fled by all the other ma­chines), but when i played it on the Saturn it was loud and clear!

Benji Cope­man

Why are you cruel in that we can only pick one song?

vince white

For me it has to be Rolling Start. it re­minds me of late 80s new or­der mixed with Brazil play­ing in the World cup.

si­mon Che ro­driguez

The main song. let’s face it... the whole Daytona USA (videogame) sound­track is great!

Be­cause if you sing along, you could be as happy as Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – and doesn’t he look in­cred­i­bly happy here?

[Saturn] Sing along! You might think that you don’t want to, but you’re wrong. Give it a go. Why?

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