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MI­CRO Live Se­ries 1, Episode 4

Pre­sen­ter Les­ley Judd drives around the ‘dough­nut’ at BBC tele­vi­sion Cen­tre in a sin­clair C5, be­fore mak­ing the first ever broad­cast of a transat­lantic phone call us­ing a ‘mo­bile’ tele­phone. “i’m not hav­ing a lot of joy with this,” she says be­fore even­tu­ally suc­ceed­ing.

MAK­ING the Most of the MI­CRO Se­ries 1, Episode 1

this live show con­tains the fa­mous on-air broad­cast in­ter­rupt where sig­nal hi­jack­ers in­ter­rupted John Mc­coll’s demon­stra­tion of an early elec­tronic mail ser­vice. With laugh­ter in the stu­dio, Mc­coll brushes the in­ci­dent aside, light­heart­edly say­ing, “We want to do a demon­stra­tion here, so go away.”

BBC MI­CRO soft­ware fst­let1

the sim­plic­ity of fst­let1 is worth check­ing out and it’s one of Jake Berger’s favourites. it loads a graphic pro­gram that lets you see the ‘dot ma­trix ver­sion’ of any char­ac­ter that you type on the key­board (as an 8x8 ma­trix of dots).

BBC MI­CRO soft­ware AARGH

Jake also likes aargh which runs an out-of-key mu­sic-play­ing pro­gram. “it’s a very easy way to an­noy ev­ery­one in the of­fice,” he tells us. and given our brief ex­pe­ri­ence of it, he’s not wrong, we can tell you.

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