Tips and vi­tal info on five of Quake II’S best stages

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Built to ren­der down cap­tured marines into a dis­gust­ing slime that the Strogg feed on, the pro­cess­ing plant houses seven macabre ma­chines sited on a cir­cu­lar route. Be­sides one tank com­man­der, your mis­sion to dis­able the ma­chines is met with low-level op­po­si­tion, al­though sur­prise at­tacks are com­mon, so stealth tac­tics are ad­vised.

BIG gun

The big gun mis­sion’s solid mid­dle sec­tion pales in com­par­i­son to the epic boss fight at its start and the heart­stop­ping race to safety at its fi­nale. The mis­sion’s air­borne boss – the Hor­net – re­quires you to pep­per it with heavy gun­fire fol­lowed by tak­ing cover when it re­turns fire, while the mis­sion’s end-of-level es­cape leaves no mar­gin for er­ror.

In­ner Hanger

The ob­jec­tive of storm­ing the in­ner hanger is to close its doors and ground the Stroggs’ space­crafts. As the hanger is heav­ily guarded a slow, steady ap­proach is rec­om­mended, par­tic­u­larly when ne­go­ti­at­ing its float­ing blocks and gi­ant cogs. The Hor­net guard­ing the hanger en­trance is best tack­led from a high van­tage point.

outer COURTS

Deep within the outer courts there’s a data spin­ner that’s re­quired to shut down a Strogg com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem. The route to your tar­get be­gins with a dan­ger­ous, stom­ach churn­ing cliff-edge walk, af­ter which the go­ing gets tough, so have your big­gest guns ready. The spin­ner it­self is lo­cated af­ter a dis­ori­ent­ing un­der­wa­ter sec­tion.


Bar for a gun em­place­ment near its start, whose op­er­a­tor can be taken out with a ranged weapon, the out­lands mis­sion is a high-tempo test of marks­man­ship. Fol­low­ing a hill pass, you cut across bridges and through caves while avoid­ing bar­racu­das. Fi­nally, you ac­ti­vate the air strike marker, take cover and then make your way to the exit.

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