Pocket Rum­ble

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Here’s a 2D fighter that adopts the rather lovely Neo-geo Pocket Color aes­thetic, with a two-but­ton con­trol scheme plus char­ac­ter sprites that have big, ex­pres­sive faces and three whole colours. Pocket Rum­ble at­tempts to be friendly to begin­ners. All eight char­ac­ters play dif­fer­ently, but their four spe­cial moves are ac­ti­vated with the same sim­ple in­puts – di­ag­o­nal down-for­ward or down-back and one of the two but­tons. How­ever, combo tim­ing is some­what pun­ish­ing and CPU play­ers are ef­fi­cient killers from the very first fight. Cou­pled with a slightly bare­bones pre­sen­ta­tion – no char­ac­ter end­ings and only a ba­sic ca­reer mode – we can’t help but feel that Pocket Rum­ble shows promise but needed a lit­tle more time in the dojo.

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