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hello, to fol­low on from is­sue 182, in­side the mega drive ar­ti­cle, i am won­der­ing why there were dif­fer­ent ver­sions of Sonic The Hedge­hog re­leased for the mega drive back in the day?

i have a Sonic car­tridge that has mov­ing clouds in the back­ground on Green hill Zone but the same back­ground clouds are static on another ver­sion of Sonic fea­tured on a com­pi­la­tion car­tridge. also an un­der­wa­ter ef­fect is present in one ver­sion of labyrinth Zone but on the other six-game car­tridge ver­sion it just has a still look (no wob­ble). Why would that be? i as­sume changes of this sort would mean more trou­ble than it’s worth for devs, so why did they bother?

it makes me won­der, do any other games have dif­fer­ences be­tween ver­sions that have gone un­no­ticed by gamers? if so, it might make a good fea­ture in a fu­ture edi­tion of rg. robert mcmil­lan

un­usu­ally for its time, Sonic was re­leased in the us and europe be­fore Ja­pan. with the ex­tra time be­fore the next pro­duc­tion run started, sonic team took the op­por­tu­nity to tidy up the code and add a cou­ple of cool ef­fects with the clouds and rip­ples. we’re not sure why the older ver­sion was used on multi­game carts though.

re­vis­ing games is a pretty com­mon prac­tice, and we’ll al­ways note if there are ma­jor changes, – like with Pengo’s ‘Pop­corn’ theme a few is­sues ago.

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