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WHAT’S your Favourite snk game?

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Dar­ran Jones

Of course it’s Pre­his­toric Isle In 1930. What on earth were you pos­si­bly ex­pect­ing me to say? Ex­per­tise:

Jug­gling a gor­geous wife, two beau­ti­ful girls and an award-win­ning mag­a­zine Cur­rently playing:

Dead Cells

Favourite game of all time: Strider

sam rib­bits

It has to be a Metal Slug, right? The orig­i­nal, Metal Slug X or Metal Slug 3 es­pe­cially. Neo­geo games rarely dis­ap­point. Ex­per­tise:


Cur­rently playing:

Pool Panic

Favourite game of all time: Croc: Leg­end Of The Gob­bos

David crookes

I’d have to say Ikari War­riors – mov­ing in one di­rec­tion while fir­ing in an­other hit the spot for me.


Am­strad, Lynx ad­ven­tures, Dizzy and Playsta­tion (but is it retro? De­bate!)

Cur­rently playing:


Favourite game of all time: Bro­ken Sword

Drew sleep

I remember en­coun­ter­ing an MVS proudly show­ing off Metal Slug at my lo­cal leisure cen­tre. It’s bom­bas­tic and sat­is­fy­ing to play: the per­fect ar­cade game. Ex­per­tise:

Psy­cho Solider, apparently Cur­rently playing:

Dark Souls III

Favourite game of all time: Fi­nal Fan­tasy VIII

Graeme ma­son

I love my run-and-guns, so SNK’S mil­i­tary break­through Ikari War­riors gets my vote. Ex­per­tise:

Ad­just­ing the tape az­imuth with a screw­driver

Cur­rently playing:

Grand Theft Auto V

Favourite game of all time: Res­i­dent Evil 4

paul Drury

I’m go­ing proper retro and say­ing Van­guard. Bash­ing those four fire but­tons re­mains a beloved child­hood me­mory.


C64 mini up­dates

Cur­rently playing:

Gua­camelee 2

Favourite game of all time: Sheep in Space

nick Thorpe

Just one? Oof, that’s hard.

I’ll go with The King Of Fight­ers ’98, as I never seem to get bored of it thanks to its ex­ten­sive cast.


Own­ing five Mas­ter Sys­tems (I sold two)

Cur­rently playing:

Valkyria Chron­i­cles 4 Favourite game of all time: Sonic The Hedge­hog

mar­tyn car­roll

Got to be Guer­rilla War. Ralf and Clark were ab­sent, but for me it worked bet­ter as the third Ikari War­riors game than the ac­tual Ikari III.


Sin­clair stuff

Cur­rently playing:

The Leg­end Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Favourite game of all time: Jet Set Willy

an­drew Fisher

Top Hunter: Roddy &

Cathy, I love the big, bold car­toon­like sprites.


Over 35 years of gam­ing, from Com­modore 64 to Wii U Cur­rently playing:

May­hem In Mon­ster­land Favourite game of all time: Paradroid

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