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How to de­feat The De­stroyer’s le­gions


SPEED De­mon

Wor starts off quite slug­gish, but by col­lect­ing Feather power-ups dur­ing your ad­ven­ture you can boost his over­all pace. Two Feather power-ups are enough to get the op­ti­mal speed, any­thing more and you may have trou­ble keep­ing Wor un­der con­trol.

rear guard

For most of the game, the Red or Blue gem shot pat­terns will suf­fice, but there are sev­eral mo­ments where the Yel­low gem – which gives you for­ward and rear fire­power – makes all the dif­fer­ence. Thank­fully, these gems usu­ally ap­pear ex­actly when they’re needed.

Some­thing Spe­cial

The spe­cial at­tack items each have a use, so you shouldn’t ig­nore them – they can mean the dif­fer­ence be­tween suc­cess and fail­ure. For ex­am­ple, the Ground At­tack spell is great for (you guessed it) deal­ing with land-based en­e­mies.

Watch and learn

Some of the bosses in Gy­noug are com­pletely ter­ri­fy­ing, largely be­cause some of them oc­cupy so much of the screen that it’s hard to know where you are safe. How­ever, like all good guardians they fol­low pat­terns, so keep your eyes open and look for the right mo­ment to at­tack.

Shoot the core

Bosses have weak ar­eas which you need to fo­cus your fire on to take them down. Lis­ten for the tell­tale ‘boom’ sound ef­fect which de­notes you’re in­flict­ing dam­age, as it’s not al­ways ob­vi­ous where the weak spot ac­tu­ally is.

take it easy

If you’re find­ing the game hard, drop to the op­tions screen, se­lect ‘Game Level’, hold down ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ and then press ‘Start’ for an eas­ier mode. You can also ac­cess a level se­lect by hold­ing down ‘A’ on ‘Con­trol’ for ten sec­onds.

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