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TRAP (C64)

The ti­tle tune sounds even more im­pres­sive along­side the Glad­i­a­tor demo, hid­den in the game (type

DEMO on the high-score ta­ble) and pub­lished separately as pub­lic­ity for Com­punet (where Ben had the han­dle BENN). The syn­chro­nised an­i­ma­tion tells a sad story, with the glad­i­a­tor pound­ing his drum in time.

the Last NINJA (C64)

Shar­ing com­pos­ing du­ties with An­thony Lees (who passed away in 2016), Ben cre­ated mem­o­rable tunes for Sys­tem 3’s first ninja game. The Waste­lands (loader and in-game) and Wilder­ness (in-game) com­po­si­tions re­ally set the tone. hear­ing Ben per­form them live (on flute and penny whis­tle) with the band Fast­load­ers was in­cred­i­ble.

AUF Wieder­se­hen Monty (SPEC­TRUM 128K)

Ben was equally adept with all the 8-bit com­put­ers and would go on to com­pose for 16-bit. This tune was com­posed jointly with Rob hub­bard, at Grem­lin’s re­quest. The 128K-only Spec­trum in­ter­pre­ta­tion with its mys­te­ri­ous-sound­ing in­tro­duc­tion holds up well against the C64 and Am­strad ver­sions.

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