boss rush

The dev­il­ish crea­tures you’ll face off against



This rock­like mon­ster may look tough, but on his un­der­side, you’ll find ten­der flesh which is just beg­ging to be shot at.

Keep low and most of Dra­goon’s shots will pass over your char­ac­ter. Keep fir­ing at his fleshy weak spots to take him down.


A ser­pen­tine mon­ster with a hu­man face, Pee­ble doesn’t fire pro­jec­tiles but prefers to dart around the screen.

Stay in the mid­dle of the screen and pay at­ten­tion to Pee­ble’s off-screen dives. He darts around the screen in a clock­wise pat­tern.

lo­co­mo­tive breath

An un­holy com­bi­na­tion of man and ma­chine, this guy isn’t go­ing to let leaves on the track slow down his quest to ut­terly de­stroy you.

Keep to the left of the screen when the boss drops from the top, then con­cen­trate your fire on the head while shift­ing to avoid in­com­ing bul­lets.


Gark is ba­si­cally a mas­sive oven with a bad tem­per. He spews flame and con­ceals his weak spot be­hind a mas­sive metal beard.

Watch out for red pro­jec­tiles and keep an eye on Gark’s mouth – not only is his weak point in­side, he opens it to vomit fire in your di­rec­tion.


This float­ing hu­manoid has a pained ex­pres­sion and floats around in a cross-legged po­si­tion. Re­lax­ation isn’t on his agenda.

Watch out for the blue pro­jec­tiles Slog fires – if your bul­lets hit them, they’ll split into more pro­jec­tiles, keep mov­ing in or­der to sur­vive.


This float­ing mol­lusc waits for you half­way through the ocean level and sur­rounds it­self with a hard­ened shell to avoid dam­age.

Watch out for the wide spray of pro­jec­tiles as well as the shel­l­like mis­siles Oglithan re­leases from time to time.


Part-ma­chine, part-hu­man, Monotrog is a dev­il­ish con­trap­tion made up of an air­ship and dis­em­bod­ied heads.

Stay in the mid­dle of the screen and fo­cus your fire on the fly­ing ma­chine while avoid­ing the pro­jec­tiles and mis­siles flung your way.


Per­haps the odd­est-look­ing boss in any shmup ever, Per­fidy has a body shaped ex­actly like a John Thomas. Poor fella.

One of the hard­est bosses in the game, Per­fidy hurls out loads of nippy pro­jec­tiles – aim for the

head and keep mov­ing.


Masse­both adopts two forms: his first is a sunken ship, but once this has been dis­patched his true form re­veals it­self – a mas­sive head.

There are a lot of pro­jec­tiles to avoid dur­ing this fight, but as long as you keep your wits about you, you’ll be fine.


To­tally limb­less and at­tached to some hor­ri­fi­clook­ing pipework, Or­r­pus isn’t hav­ing the best of days. No won­der he’s in such a grump.

Avoid the red blood cells which fill the screen and make sure you hit Or­r­pus’ float­ing heart when you get the chance – that’s his weak spot.

the De­stroyer

The main bad guy is a rather pa­thetic fig­ure, a shriv­elled form twisted and bent by his own in­sane plans of dom­i­na­tion.

The pro­jec­tiles fired by this boss aren’t fast, but they’ll chase you around,so you need to keep mov­ing while fo­cus­ing your fire on its heart.

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