SNK has ab­sorbed a num­ber of com­pa­nies over the years, oth­ers have split off from it, and some even went full cir­cle

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Al­pha Den­shi was a pro­lific de­vel­oper for all SNK hard­ware, pro­duc­ing games such as Twin­kle Star Sprites, Beast Busters: Sec­ond Night­mare and Crush Roller. The com­pany closed in 2003 and its prop­er­ties were bought by SNK.


This group of for­mer Irem staff only had its logo on two games – but those two were Neo Turf Masters and Metal Slug, two of the very best Neo-geo games. SNK wisely folded the team into its own ranks be­fore long.


Formed dur­ing SNK’S trou­bles in

2000, Brez­za­soft launched its own car­tridge-based ar­cade board and was cred­ited on games in­clud­ing The King Of Fight­ers 2001. It was pur­chased by Play­more not long af­ter for­ma­tion in 2002.


This com­pany took over Neo-geo Land and

Bowl op­er­a­tions fol­low­ing

SNK’S 2001 bankruptcy, as well as dis­tri­bu­tion of Neo-geo MVS and AES games. It was pur­chased by Play­more in 2003.


Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Mat­sumoto formed this com­pany in the run-up to SNK’S 2001 bankruptcy. It has been a pro­lific de­vel­oper, work­ing on games in­clud­ing the Sonic Ad­vance series and Street Fighter V.


For­mer SNK and Atlus de­signer Keiko Ijuu founded this de­vel­oper, which worked closely with SNK for many years on games in­clud­ing Sen­goku 3, Metal Slug games from Metal Slug 4 on­wards and The King Of Fight­ers Ne­owave.

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