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Com­modore 64

The only 8-bit com­puter ver­sion that ended up be­ing re­leased by Ocean, this C64 car­tridge isn’t par­tic­u­larly pretty but does a de­cent job of repli­cat­ing the orig­i­nal. How­ever, it is miss­ing the full in­tro se­quence, only has one mu­sic track and is miss­ing an en­tire level.

atari ST

Con­verted by Ocean France the ST port is in­cred­i­bly im­pres­sive in­deed. In fact, it’s pretty hard to find any fault with it at all as it fea­tures ex­cel­lent graph­ics, a crack­ing ren­di­tion of the sound­track and gets the orig­i­nal game­play al­most per­fect.


Ar­guably the best home port of the game, Lynx Toki stays in­cred­i­bly close to the ar­cade in al­most ev­ery re­gard. The graph­ics are ex­cel­lent, the sound­track is among the best on the Lynx and it con­trols re­ally well. It’s cer­tainly not an easy game, though!


You’d ex­pect the Amiga ver­sion to be pretty sim­i­lar to the ST, but ac­tu­ally it’s clear to see that they were pro­grammed in­de­pen­dently. We wouldn’t say this ver­sion is any bet­ter or any worse than the ST ver­sion, it just has a slightly dif­fer­ent look and feel.


Taito’s 1991 NES port, like so many oth­ers on the sys­tem, makes quite a few changes from the orig­i­nal ar­cade game. The graph­i­cal style is quite dif­fer­ent, some of the level maps have been mod­i­fied and you now have a health bar mak­ing it much eas­ier.


Per­haps the most ob­scure port of all is this one re­leased by Magic Team for the iphone in 2009. It’s a pretty faith­ful re­pro­duc­tion of the game that rather un­usu­ally dis­plays the game in por­trait mode with a large vir­tual con­troller in the bot­tom third of the screen.

mega drive

Sub­ti­tled Go­ing Ape Spit, Sega’s own Mega Drive ver­sion is more like a se­quel rather than a straight con­ver­sion. While many of the main themes are car­ried over here, Mega Drive Toki has new level de­signs, a dif­fer­ent power-up sys­tem and more stages in to­tal, too.

atari 7800

Un­til a few years ago it wasn’t even known that an Atari 7800 port had been de­vel­oped, and then sud­denly this pretty much com­plete pro­to­type showed up. This con­ver­sion is sur­pris­ingly close to the orig­i­nal and it’s a real shame it never got a com­mer­cial re­lease.

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