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plat­form: VIC-20

De­vel­oper: VICTRAGIC price: free Down­load: KIK­START.ME.UK/KIK­START-VIC Al­though it shares a name with Shaun South­ern’s two-player mo­tocross racer, Kik­start on Com­modore’s VIC-20 is ac­tu­ally based on the lesser-known, ar­cade-ori­ented Com­modore 16 re­lease from the same au­thor. The ob­jec­tive is still to ride a dirt bike across the haz­ard-strewn course, but this time against the clock rather than an op­po­nent.

Along with more reg­u­lar haz­ards, like rows of dou­ble deck­ers and pits, some stages have ro­tat­ing blades and light­ningspew­ing clouds in the air to worry about as well – al­though there are also bal­loons float­ing past which can be col­lected us­ing the su­per-pow­er­ful spring­boards that launch the mo­tocross bike up­wards.

The orig­i­nal C16 game is tough but lots of fun to play, some­thing which has sur­vived the cross-coun­try jour­ney to the ma­chine’s older brother – the graph­ics made it, too, but are chunkier in their new home – so a 16K-ex­panded ma­chine is re­quired.

[VIC-20] A tempt­ing row of buses is like cat­nip to a dare­devil.

[VIC-20] Ma­jes­ti­cally leap­ing to grab a pass­ing bal­loon.

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