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Pi­coh Mummy! is a re­work­ing for the PICO-8 fan­tasy con­sole of the Am­strad CPC Ami­dar-alike ac­tion game of a sim­i­lar name, Oh Mummy!. The player takes con­trol of an ar­chae­ol­o­gist on a mis­sion for the Bri­tish Mu­seum, search­ing for an­cient trea­sures while be­ing pur­sued by the un­dead. Hid­den scrolls can deal with one mummy each, and com­pletely cir­cling each stone box re­veals its con­tents for bet­ter or worse. Kik­­coh-mummy-pico8 will take you to the ex­hibit.

Con­tin­u­ing the re­mak­ing theme, Monty On The Run is a Win­dows con­ver­sion of the clas­sic plat­former star­ring ev­ery­one’s favourite ab­scond­ing mole af­ter his es­cape from Scud­more Prison. Help Monty gather parts for his es­cape kit as he trav­els be­tween safe house, un­der­ground lair and, hope­fully, the ferry to free­dom hav­ing col­lected enough gold coins to be set for life. Jump into a hole at Kik­ motr-win for more in­for­ma­tion.

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