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Ev­ery month, Retro gamer asks a ques­tion on the fo­rum and prints the best replies. This month we wanted to know… What’s your favourite Plays­ta­tion game?

rhy­dian James Davies

you never for­get your first – Ridge Racer! it was the first time i truly felt the ar­cade was in my bed­room. lack­ing in tracks, but i didn’t care. i knew the times were a chang­ing and i liked where they were go­ing to take me.

spencer guest

De­struc­tion Derby! the first game re­leased on any con­sole or com­puter that en­abled you to smash your op­po­nents, and re­ward you for it! the two-player link-up was great also. it’s a shame the se­quel was a bit over­done. def­i­nitely an all-time clas­sic!

Phil Ping

Metal Gear Solid. no game be­fore it had that level of de­tail or sto­ry­telling. and the me­chan­ics of the game were truly rev­o­lu­tion­ary (the stealth game­play, the dif­fer­ent tac­tics re­quired for boss bat­tles). the mu­sic and voice act­ing were pretty top notch as well.

Jay t Bossert

Tomb Raider. the ma­nip­u­la­tion of lara, the puz­zles and just a fresh take on the genre.

James Har­vey

Gran Turismo. it was the first game i ever pre-or­dered and read ev­ery para­graph of text writ­ten about it be­fore re­lease. it changed the game for the rac­ing genre – vi­su­als like we’d never seen, a lit­er­ally un­be­liev­able re­play mode and ridicu­lous depth. noth­ing could com­pare.

alexander gra­ham

Tekken 2, it was the first game i fell in love with and be­came ob­sessed with as a fran­chise. an im­prove­ment over the first in ev­ery way, and a ros­ter that can’t be beat.

stephen Far­rell

Van­dal Hearts. a great tac­ti­cal game that re­minded me heav­ily of Shin­ing Force on the Mega drive. great art style and mu­sic, mul­ti­ple paths for char­ac­ter pro­gres­sion (so mul­ti­ple playthroughs) and a de­cent story. Plenty of se­crets, too. Bril­liant game.


i’d have to go with the Plays­ta­tion’s best 3d plat­former. Croc: Leg­end Of The Gob­bos of course! i can only as­sume a re­make is on the way.

Sam’s love for Croc is as pas­sion­ate as Nick’s for Sonic, or Drew’s for denim jack­ets… or Dar­ran’s for promo codes.

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