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Fancy shar­ing your gam­ing ses­sions with the watch­ing world? Here’s how to get your­self up and run­ning

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This month, Doc­tor Nick re­veals how to stream old games


Choose a video cap­ture de­vice. These are avail­able as both in­ter­nal PCI-E cards and ex­ter­nal USB boxes. Most mod­ern ones only ac­cept HDMI, and ac­cept res­o­lu­tions up to 4K at 60 frames per se­cond. This is more than enough for retro gam­ing, but con­sider your needs if you’re also plan­ning to stream from mod­ern sys­tems. Some old ones of­fer legacy in­puts.


If your cap­ture de­vice doesn’t sup­port old-style out­puts, you’ll need a way to con­vert video to HDMI. We use the Open Source Scan Con­verter, but be warned – not all cap­ture de­vices play well with it. If your cap­ture de­vice doesn’t of­fer sig­nal passthrough, you’ll also need a split­ter. Our one splits one in­put to two out­puts. Grab a head­set, too.


In­stall your hard­ware, then down­load and in­stall OBS – it’s a free and flex­i­ble stream­ing pro­gram. Al­ter­na­tives in­clude Xs­plit. Once all the soft­ware is ready, hook ev­ery­thing up and switch it on. In OBS, click Set­tings. Set your bi­trate and en­cod­ing soft­ware un­der Out­put, and your res­o­lu­tion and fram­er­ate un­der Video.


Click the + sym­bol un­der Sources and add your video cap­ture de­vice. You should see your con­sole’s out­put in the pre­view win­dow. Then do the same to add your au­dio sources (typ­i­cally the game au­dio and a mi­cro­phone), then use the mixer panel to bal­ance the sound. You can also add im­ages to theme your chan­nel if you’d like.


Although there are a va­ri­ety of pop­u­lar stream­ing sites, in­clud­ing Youtube Gam­ing and Mixer, we’d rec­om­mend start­ing off with Twitch as it has a big au­di­ence and is com­pat­i­ble with most stream­ing soft­ware. Go to your Dash­board, and un­der Set­tings – Chan­nel you’ll find your pri­mary stream key. Copy this.


Back in OBS Stu­dio, click Set­tings. Un­der Stream, select Twitch as your ser­vice and use a nearby server, then paste your stream key into the box pro­vided. Click OK to save your set­tings. You should now be ready to test your stream, so click Start Stream­ing and use an­other de­vice to see if things are go­ing smoothly.

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