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“Some orig­i­nal games are fun, but Edge should stop look­ing to them as the so­lu­tion,” writes a brave anony­mous reader. “They sim­ply are not, as Space Chan­nel 5, Su­per Mon­key Ball and many oth­ers demon­strate, what gamers want. I want a good old FPS, but one with bet­ter ex­e­cu­tion.” So that’s who’s been re­peat­edly buy­ing Call Of Duty.


Ahead of Metal Gear Solid 2, Zara Roach writes in to crit­i­cise Snake’s flir­ta­tion tech­niques, ask­ing, “Is Snake still go­ing to come out with such sad chat-up lines?” The stealth ex­pert is dis­missed as a “cheese­meis­ter” and ap­par­ently, “No self-re­spect­ing women would ever come up with or fall for lines like that.” We ac­tu­ally know a cou­ple…


Keen to be down with the kids, the new Xbox mag­a­zine ac­cepts let­ters via text mes­sage. Un­for­tu­nately, this means see­ing things like, “HI I WUD JUST LIKE 2 KNOW IF PREORDERING AN XBOX MEANS I WUD GET IT 4 CHRIST­MAS OR WHEN IT IS LAUNCHED ON MARCH 14TH? THANX.” Truly the pin­na­cle of dis­course, that.

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