Con­tinue… OR Die?

Other games that mim­icked the buz­z­saw con­tinue screen


Tecmo Knight

Trust Tecmo to re­visit the fea­ture in its very next game. In this one, the game’s hero is about to be swal­lowed by a huge beast, and he vainly tries to hold its jaws open. If the beast is al­lowed to win you don’t see any­thing, but a nasty crunch­ing sound is heard.

THE Pu­n­isher

When Frank Cas­tle cops it in this vi­o­lent beat-’em-up based on the pop­u­lar comic book hero, an op­er­a­tive fran­ti­cally per­forms CPR to try and bring him back. In two-player mode nick Fury joins him in the re­sus­ci­ta­tion room. The whole se­quence is very ar­rest­ing.

Con­quest of THE CRYS­TAL Palace

It wasn’t just ar­cade games that tried this trick. When you lose your lives in this ob­scure NES ti­tle, the young pro­tag­o­nist is seen sus­pended over a ris­ing lava lake while Zap the dog looks for­lornly on. Fam­ily en­ter­tain­ment at its finest.

fi­nal fight 3

All three games fea­tured cre­ative con­tinue screens but this one is the most in­tense, show­ing a spiky plate be­ing low­ered towards the hero’s face as they squirm in their straps. okay you win Cap­com, we’ll con­tinue – we don’t want to be­come a pan­cake.

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