In or­der to get to Dr Wily, you’re go­ing to have to get past his hand-picked guardians – and he’s picked quite a few…



■ This boss hangs out in a fac­tory, and loves to throw cir­cu­lar blades to chop his op­po­nent down to size – and un­for­tu­nately, that means you.

How To Beat Him If you get in close, he’ll leap to the other side of the screen mak­ing his blades easy to dodge. Shoot him as he lands – easy.


■ We’re not quite sure what’s sup­posed to be so deadly about bub­bles – maybe cor­ro­sion? Still, this chap puts up a good fight.

How To Beat Him Bub­ble Man fires bub­bles in a wave pat­tern, but these are pretty easy to dodge since the fight is un­der­wa­ter.


■ Thank­fully, in­de­cent ex­po­sure isn’t what this Ro­bot Master is all about – in­stead, he rather likes stop­ping time to put Mega Man on the back foot.

How To Beat Him He leaps about the screen fir­ing at you and stop­ping time to con­found you. The flex­i­bil­ity of the Metal Blade is your friend here.


■ The first guardian of Dr Wily’s lair is this large and rather ter­ri­fy­ing piece of fly­ing, fire-breath­ing ma­chin­ery. How To Beat Him Don’t bother at­tack­ing un­til the dragon has stopped chas­ing you. Once you’re one-on-one, you can use your reg­u­lar arm can­non to de­feat it – just time your jumps well to avoid the fire­balls it shoots.


■ This wind­bag uses a fan to gen­er­ate mini-tor­nado at­tacks. These can be pretty hard to dodge, so he’s more than just hot air.

How To Beat Him Air Man at­tacks a set side of the screen. Once you’ve dodged his bar­rage, he’ll move and you can at­tack him from be­hind.


■ This hot­head can turn him­self into a shoot­ing flame, and has a burn­ing de­sire to see your en­ergy bar go up in smoke.

How To Beat Him Heat Man will fire some shots, then blaze across the screen. To cool him off, we’d rec­om­mend us­ing the Bub­ble Lead.


■ This speed freak likes to jump around and throw boomerangs at Mega Man – an odd method of at­tack, but one which proves sur­pris­ingly ef­fec­tive.

How To Beat Him This guy isn’t easy to top­ple, but he can be de­feated rel­a­tively quickly with smart use of the Crash Bomb.


■ The most un­usual boss in the game, con­sist­ing of wall-mounted laser can­nons, and one of Wily’s fi­nal traps.

How To Beat Him Strat­egy is needed here. You have seven Crash Bombs, and you need all of them – two to de­stroy walls, and five to de­stroy the beam can­nons. Don’t waste your ammo!


■ The mad doc­tor him­self joins the fight!

How To Beat Him For the first part of the boss fight, use fully charged Atomic Fire shots. The se­cond form of the boss is im­mune to Atomic Fire, but still vul­ner­a­ble to Crash Bombs. If you don’t have any left, try the Air Shooter or Metal Blade.


■ You might ex­pect this guy to glitch the game, but he’s ac­tu­ally a mad bomber with a real ap­petite for destruc­tion – a truly dan­ger­ous foe.

How To Beat Him Crash Man jumps and re­tal­i­ates with a bomb when you shoot. We’d ad­vise you to use the Air Shooter against him.


■ No, not a lum­ber­jack – this odd­ball is gen­uinely threat­en­ing thanks to his abil­ity to cloak him­self with leaves while still at­tack­ing you.

How To Beat Him As well as shoot­ing leaves at you, Wood Man will drop them from above. With Atomic Fire, you can take him out.


■ The se­cond line of de­fence at Wily’s fortress. This en­emy isn’t big, but it comes in num­bers and it only gets tougher to beat as time goes on.

How To Beat Him Use the Metal Blade for aim­ing flex­i­bil­ity, or if you’re feel­ing spicy, the Bub­ble Lead will in­flict a one-hit kill.


■ Boss three in Wily’s de­fen­sive line is this lum­ber­ing thing. It shoots pro­jec­tiles from its mouth and re­leases en­e­mies from its chest. How To Beat Him The Quick Boomerang is prob­a­bly the best weapon to use here. To dam­age Guts Tank, you need to at­tack its head. You might wish to stand atop the tank’s treads be­fore jump­ing.


■ Could Dr Wily have been an im­pos­tor? It ap­pears so as he trans­forms into the

Alien, Mega Man’s fi­nal foe. It flies about in a fig­ure of eight pat­tern.

How To Beat Him Only the Bub­ble Lead will dam­age the alien. Not only are the other weapons in­ef­fec­tive, they’ll ac­tively hin­der your ef­forts by re­fill­ing the alien’s health!

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