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dear rg

Great mag­a­zine, thank you so much for feed­ing this retro gamer’s mind ev­ery month and i have to say that de­spite all your col­umns and sec­tions within each is­sue’s pub­li­ca­tion, the first page to which i turn is the next month one at the back! for some rea­son, it fills me with the same de­light and an­tic­i­pa­tion i felt as a child when the next edi­tion of Crash or Am­strad Ac­tion or Amiga For­mat ar­rived on the shelves of my lo­cal newsagent. it is bliss to know that retro gamer’s loads will ap­pear metro­nom­i­cally each month, and i thank you and sa­lute you all for keep­ing alive a part of my child­hood that would oth­er­wise re­main dor­mant and mori­bund!

Please, never stop de­liv­er­ing the next load! rick adams

D’aww, thanks rick. It’s funny, we used to joke about the ac­cu­racy of our next month page be­cause we’d have to change plans so of­ten. turns out our crys­tal ball was mal­func­tion­ing, so we sent it to an amaz­ing for­tune teller (his pre­dic­tions are 30% ac­cu­rate!) and he fixed it. It’s nice to know that you an­tic­i­pate each is­sue, and we of­ten find our­selves ex­cited too – not be­cause we’re su­per keen

to leave any sub­ject be­hind, but be­cause there’s al­ways some­thing new (or old, as the case may be) on the hori­zon. Hon­estly, at one point nick was so ex­cited about re­vis­it­ing Sonic Ad­ven­ture that we thought we were go­ing to have to bust out some Han­ni­bal Lecter­style re­strain­ing equip­ment.

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