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■ No less than three games designed by Paul Cuisset – Flashback, Future Wars and Operation Stealth – are available on Blaze’s Evercade systems via the Delphine Software Cinematiqu­e Collection 1 cartridge along with Another World. The compilatio­n is stamped Amiga, but clearly specifies using the Mega Drive version of Flashback. It’s Paul’s favourite version, since, according to him, “The game was clearly originally designed to take into account Sega’s controller and the Mega Drive’s hardware technical constraint­s.” No noticeable issues with the VS controller or the EXP’S d-pad were observed, and moving the mouse pointer is easy and precise enough, especially on the VS. When it comes to Future Wars, it is sometimes quite hard to be precise in pointing to a location and moving the character due to the screen size when played on the EXP. Future Wars always needs its main character to be at a very precise location to interact with his environmen­t. The two point-and-click games remain really enjoyable on the go, nonetheles­s. But some objects to interact with are sometimes a few pixels tall and almost invisible on the screen. These noticeable points were also inherent to the Amiga and Atari ST versions, even with the use of a mouse, meaning the original works are fully respected. Last, but not least, the Evercade save states feature is extremely helpful considerin­g the high challenge these games require. Concerning Flashback, for instance, this compilatio­n offers save states anytime when even the Nintendo Switch Flashback 25th anniversar­y edition did not. In that, you could only rewind the game up to a brief moment whenever Conrad passes away. Save states allow anybody, newcomer or old Delphine Software fan alike, to enjoy Flashback in the most comfortabl­e conditions and revisit this classic. This collection is absolutely essential and gathers true videogame jewels on Blaze’s systems. Alongside the now usual cartridge booklet comes a nice Another World poster and a few Future Wars concept artworks. Another collection offering on the go playabilit­y for Cruise For A Corpse, Fade To Black and Moto Racer, among other titles, would be totally appreciate­d.

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