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What is your favourite Lucasarts game?


Maniac Mansion will always be my favourite of the bunch. It offered a masterful medley of campy B-movie vibes, clever puzzles and hilarious writing to cement its place as a timeless classic that I still revisit every Halloween season.

Craig Taylor

TIE Fighter was, and probably still is, my favourite flight sim. I adored it and loved the story and going after the secret weapon hardware. It was awesome!

Loom. It combined the great storytelli­ng we’d come to expect from Lucasfilm Games with an innovative music-based interface. Sure, it was a relatively short game but it was beautifull­y put together.

After how appalling the last two Indy films have been, Indiana Jones And The

Fate Of Atlantis. It showed that it was actually possible to write a good Indy storyline if you focus on the important bit which is the actual story, instead of things like effects and self-deprecatin­g humour.

Samantha J Foster Composer

Outlaws! Such an amazing Wild West FPS – with a great storyline.

Jon Greenham

Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the soundtrack and because I didn’t own a system that could play Monkey Island!

An overlooked one that I always loved playing was Star Wars: Yoda Stories.

The second, and final, title in Lucasarts’

Desktop Adventures series. It’s easy to pick up and play at any time and has great replay value. I spent hours upon hours with this game.

Nothing has ever been quite as immersive and enjoyable an experience than playing through the first Monkey

Island. Beautiful artwork and music, and a line in humour that’s never been replicated anywhere else.


Grim Fandango, always. Why? Viva la revolución!

Francis Dipersio

Retro Reactiv8

Anthony Bull

Geoffrey Hay

X-wing – it’s the game that forced me to buy my first PC. The expansion disks were great, as was the adaptive soundtrack. The sequel, TIE Fighter, was even better!

3Dogaming #Play3do

Chris Noble

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