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Readers share their favourite game-related gifts


Richard Hazeldine

A C64 from Secret Santa on the old Retro Gamer forum! It was already signed by Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Martin Galway and others. I’ve since added Paul Norman, Jeff Minter and Giles, while Gary Penn drew a little Rockford underneath.

Rothenberg­er Paul

The ultimate for me would have to be my Pitfall! water canteen. Oh, and of course the Retro Gamer calendar.

Sakura Hoshi:deacon Blues

My sister gave me one share of stock in Nintendo for my birthday one year. It was framed and the plaque said Happy Birthday in Japanese.


My Amiga 1200 that I received back in Christmas 1993. It was my first gaming machine ever and the reason I love gaming so much. And the games are still incredible to play.


I once received a six-button Mega Drive joypad for my birthday. First I was disappoint­ed with it because the upper buttons were actually quick-fire buttons. So essentiall­y it was still a three-button joypad. But I liked the feel of it and ended up using it quite a bit.

Chris Reynolds

My parents got me a Super Nintendo one Christmas, along with four controller­s, a Super Multitap, Super

Mario Kart and a Super Scope with the console. I then received Super

Bomberman a few weeks later for my birthday. I spent long days that winter having competitio­ns.

Luke The Fox VA

A Banjo-kazooie controller holder that I use to hold my controller­s that I got for Christmas from a friend of mine.

I Like To Play

My brother got me an awesome Chain Chomp lamp a couple of years back.

Newbie Coder

For a big birthday two years ago, my wife bought me a custom arcade cabinet kit with the exact specs I wanted, single-player controls with a trackball and a spinner. I loved building it and love playing with it to this day!

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