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Readers share their favourite Dreamcast memories


Chris Jowett

Playing Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast kiosk in Toys R Us when I should have been at work! What an amazing machine!


Buying it on launch, going home and being amazed at the visuals in Echo The Dolphin… it was like real life!

Ashley Pallett

Going to Curry’s to play Sega Bass Fishing with the fishing rod controller.

Odd Pod

One of mine is using the capsule toy machine in Shenmue and being amazed. It felt like I could do anything in the game.

thin beast bones

Playing through Skies Of Arcadia with my sister. She’d do all the role-playing bits, and I’d take over for the battles.


It has to be The House Of The Dead 2, with the lightgun, jerky cutscenes, and truly terrible voice acting. I spent many an hour enjoying that game.


Power Stone 2 was the first Dreamcast game I saw in action, at my mate’s house. An evening of that convinced me to spend my student loan on getting my own Dreamcast.

John Miller

Being blown away by Crazy Taxi. It was the moment that consoles caught up with the arcades.


Away from the gaming and console side, it was seeing the name and brand over the footy kits, specifical­ly Arsenal as a UK fan. That felt cool as a Dreamcast owner and footy fan.


Looking around for sailors, obviously.

John Koconis

Seeing NFL 2K for the first time in the store and thinking it looked exactly like a real football broadcast.

Carleton Handley

Zed Two staff clearing out Game Manchester’s stock of Bangai-o when they reduced it to a tenner. The company had bought every member of staff a Dreamcast as an Xmas present the year before.

John Maguire

Filling in some form online and Sega sending me a free copy of Chu Chu Rocket. I assumed it’d be rubbish since it was free but it turned out to be a cracking wee puzzler.

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