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Readers reveal their own celebrity encounters


Bobson Dugnutt

Meeting Shigeru Miyamoto at Virgin Megastore early Noughties, for a signing.

Luke The Fox VA

Met Crush 40, Mike Pollock and Takashi Iizuka at Summer Of Sonic in London some years back. They were really great people.


I interviewe­d Tekken main man Katsuhiro Harada for a martial arts mag. He couldn’t have been more accommodat­ing, putting on our shirt and striking cool poses. Top bloke!


I once saw Peter Molyneux in Wimbledon Village but he was talking to someone and I was young and I didn’t have the balls to approach and say hi #missedoppo­rtunity.


I met Clive Sinclair in Dublin about 35 years ago and Shigeru Miyamoto when F-zero GX was released in the arcades. Absolutely brilliant.

Noe V.

My daughter and I were at the Disneyland Hotel talking about games that were criminally under-appreciate­d like Psychonaut­s. A minute later, Tim Schafer turned the corner. It was surreal.

David Sheppard

Meeting the living legend that is

John Romero at Revival in Wolverhamp­ton. He was entertaini­ng, charming and seeing that hair never fails to impress.

Michael Loukoumis

Meeting Kojima at the Peace Walker launch at HMV on Oxford Street. I still have my signed copy!


I saw Iain Lee at the London Gaming Market. I just gave him a discernibl­e nod. Respect!


I met Shigeru Miyamoto two years running at ECTS. Despite a clear communicat­ion barrier, he was kind enough to stop for a photo. Unfortunat­ely that was before camera phones, and neither picture on my disposable camera worked! Gutted.

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