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What’s ‘dwell time’? Most spray-on clean­ers need to sit on the bike for a time, so their chem­i­cals can break down the dirt. This is the dwell time. Check the di­rec­tions for use.

Does scrub­bing make a dif­fer­ence? Ab­so­lutely. Every prod­uct can give good re­sults if sup­ple­mented with a sponge and el­bow grease. Most sug­gest ar­eas of heavy muck should be agi­tated (gen­tly moved with a sponge, rather than fiercely scrubbed) be­fore be­ing al­lowed to dwell. Some thicker sprays may need spread­ing out any­way, to en­sure cov­er­age.

What hap­pens if a cleaner dries on the bike? With some clean­ers, noth­ing… but oth­ers may stain vul­ner­a­ble ma­te­ri­als. Read the in­struc­tions and if they say “do not let dry” or sim­i­lar, keep the hose handy.

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