H2 SX 5.29s

RiDE (UK) - - Long Term Test -

I can’t find the H2’s launch con­trol on its menu — in­struc­tions are in the hand­book but, er, I left it at home — so I go for a man-made launch in­stead. The Kawasaki’s durable clutch with­stands the beat­ing and I no­tice the light lever ac­tion too. My plan is to get the clutch out with as lit­tle slip­page as pos­si­ble, then just drive it for­wards on the stop, lean­ing on the quick­shifter and anti-wheelie. It feels like it works, hurtling for­wards dra­mat­i­cally with a roar from the su­per­charger. SH

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