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The High­way Code says the brak­ing dis­tance from 60mph is 55m — though it said that in 1959. With mod­ern bikes, our rid­ers should stop quicker… shouldn’t they? A sin­gle at­tempt H2 SX 41.8m

As was re­vealed to me en route to Brunt­ingth­orpe by an un­sus­pect­ing and blame­less car pulling out of a junc­tion, un­der nor­mal (or even spir­ited) rid­ing, the H2’s four­pots and in­te­grated ABS are ad­e­quate with plenty of bite and feel. But start get­ting giddy and you dis­cover what a big old boy it is. And just one crash stop is enough to also re­veal the H2 won’t do many be­fore fade sets in. SH

TRACER 900 39.14m

The Tracer 900GT has strong four-piston brakes and bet­ter forks than the stan­dard model. But the ABS feels sur­pris­ingly loose in a panic crash-stop. I mean, it’s not bad: the bike stops very sharply and in con­trol, but I can hear the front tyre chirp­ing and feel it hop­ping as the brakes are re­leased and reap­plied. Not a chance that I could stop any quicker with­out it, though. MFG

TIGER 1200 42.59m

I’m not look­ing for­ward to this test. In 2004 I threw a bike down the back straight on my fifth 100-0mph emer­gency stop of the day… but it didn’t have ABS. The Tiger’s sys­tem is very ef­fec­tive. Roll up, grip the tank with my knees and grasp the lever firmly and — click click — the magic ABS has done some­thing, but all I’ve done is stop quickly. Easy. SW

CB1000R+ 48.02m

I was ex­pect­ing to feel the CB1000R’S brake lever puls­ing, but I think nerves kicked in be­fore the ABS. I did a con­trolled stop but not fast enough to win this test. It made a nice change to do some­thing I try to avoid and find out just how quickly both I and the CB can bring it all to a halt. CB

SV650X 51.04m

Some­thing else I’d done re­cently as part of my test. I hit the SV’S brakes as hard as I dared and, as I’d dis­cov­ered at the Café Racer Cup, its stop­pers are im­pres­sive. No drama, no wheels lift­ing, no tyres lock­ing and no ABS chat­ter (so I prob­a­bly should have squeezed harder) but the SV stopped quickly and with con­fi­dence. JB

F850GS 42.24m

Hard brak­ing on the F850GS causes a lot of dive in the non-ad­justable forks. That said the brakes are more than ad­e­quate for its chas­sis and weight, and they got the stop­ping done with no fuss. I know a pro rider can some­times stop slightly quicker with­out ABS, but I’m glad of the tech­nol­ogy. GA

A good demo of how front tyre changes shape un­der brak­ing Top: MFG and Si­mon H chat­ter about their re­spec­tive front endsAbove: Si W and Gareth also find dis­cus­sions turn­ing to hair

Weight trans­fer on brak­ing on the CB Bruce wins the ‘Big­gest Stop­pie’ award on the day

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