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Howard Wil­cock, Wi­gan Yamaha,

RiDE (UK) - - Used Bikes -

“They’re re­ally good. Do you want me to say any more? All right then... The ini­tial ap­peal is the price, but they’re a right laugh to ride — enough power but very easy to get on with and very for­giv­ing — you can be a bit clumsy and get away with it. We sell loads of them, new and used. It’s mostly new rid­ers who buy them but they don’t like the 35kw ver­sions — they pre­fer a full power ver­sion with a sep­a­rate re­stric­tor kit. Quite of­ten own­ers will keep them a while, then there’s a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion and they want to trade up, so we’ll buy them back in. It’s just the usual things we look for — con­di­tion, mileage, ser­vice his­tory. And ac­ces­sories. Younger buy­ers want the loud ex­hausts, es­pe­cially the Akrapovic sys­tems. If we’re buy­ing one in with an Akra we’ll value it higher — we know that if we’ve got one like that, the phone won’t stop ring­ing. Oth­er­wise a tail tidy and a screen is al­ways good, but if it’s got cheap Chi­nese levers we’ll usu­ally put the orig­i­nals back on. They hold their price pretty well — fun­nily enough, it doesn’t seem to make much dif­fer­ence what colour they are, they’re all pop­u­lar. But for the new model, the Night Fluo is the clear favourite.”

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