‘A lot of my classic-bikeowning mates wanted to see it’



Age 57

Height 6’1”

Owns BSA Gold Star

What’s good?

“The styling is excellent; I like the Catalina-style trials tank, which is lower than the Gold Star’s morebulbou­s item and suits the bike better. There are lots of great authentic details — the shape of the side panels, the frame’s curved loop, the push-rod mimicking cover, the engine’s fins. The engine is amazingly smooth — a lot like an SR500 — and the gearbox excellent. The power is spot on, it goes when asked and yet is also nicely relaxed, and it feels and sounds right. The front brake is lovely with bags of feel and the forks well damped; I’m very impressed by how it rides.”

What’s not?

“The shocks are a bit underdampe­d on bumpy roads so I’d treat it to some new items but it’s nothing too drastic. The mirrors are annoyingly close to your body so I’d probably swap either the bars or mirrors to move them away and I’d definitely junk that horrible USB connector. It’s nothing that a few nights with a set of spanners and a couple of accessory parts wouldn’t cure and I’d thoroughly enjoy working on it. This era didn’t have indicators; Lucas items appeared on the late Triumphs, so I’d probably leave the small black indicators alone. ”

Are you convinced? “Yes, I am. As soon as I got the keys to the BSA, a lot of my classic-bike owning mates started calling me asking about it and wanting to come and see it. So the interest is certainly there and it doesn’t disappoint — either in its styling or the ride. It’s much better than I thought it would be and I’m very impressed, especially considerin­g the price tag. It’s not an original Gold Star — that was a race-ready special — but it is a worthy modern take on the theme and a lovely bike to ride.”

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New Gold Star job of does a great the representi­ng iconic brand
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