‘After an afternoon on the Hornet I am seriously considerin­g trading in my MT-07’



Height 5’8” Owns 2021 Yamaha MT-07

What’s good?

“There’s a lot to like. The handling’s great – it’s very easy to change direction, both at speed and in town. That’s helped by The Hornet’s size and slimness; it’s very manageable. The suspension coped better over bumps than my MT-07, too. I really like the look of it as well; both the colour and angular styling. There’s a simplistic class to it; it’s

clean rather than cluttered and I like that. The performanc­e is punchy, and it feels like it has more go than my Yamaha. I’m not bothered about top speeds, but the accelerati­on is great.” What’s not?

“My knees started to ache after a while, but that could just be me rather than the bike. The switchgear is more complicate­d than I’m used to as well. Not sure about the relative positionin­g of the indicator switch, horn and hazard button, especially when wearing winter gloves. That didn’t feel very intuitive to use. Likewise, the switchgear cluster is quite deep, so it’s a stretch for a small hand to accurately reach the mode and high beam switches. Honestly though, I’m nit-picking. I was too busy enjoying myself to notice anything really bad.” Are you convinced?

“I love my MT-07 but after an afternoon on the Hornet I’m seriously thinking about trading the Yamaha in.

I didn’t know what to expect – I haven’t ridden many bikes other than my MT and a CB125F I had before that – but I’ve come away seriously impressed by the Honda. It’s been fun to ride and I’m sad that I’ve got to give it back.”

Yamaha MT-07 £7500

72bhp 49lb·ft 184kg (kerb)

A class favourite that nailed fun, practicali­ty and affordabil­ity right from the start. But the MT is now almost a decade old and is beginning to show its age, especially against the sophistica­tion of the Honda and Triumph. But the Honda is £500 cheaper, has 18bhp more and far more rider aids.

 ?? ?? Honda has won over this MT-07 fan and they’ll nab many more
Helen was the charmed by Hornet’s easy enjoyment
Honda has won over this MT-07 fan and they’ll nab many more Helen was the charmed by Hornet’s easy enjoyment
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