Light­ning struck mill and chim­ney smoke put fog around town

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The new food ra­tion books which are to be used af­ter Novem­ber 2 will con­tinue the ex­ist­ing coupon sys­tem.

They are sim­i­lar in char­ac­ter to those now in use, but there is no pro­vi­sion for the choos­ing of fresh re­tail­ers.

Pages of coupons rep­re­sent all the ar­ti­cles at present ra­tioned and there are also ad­di­tional coupons for tea.

There is a spare leaf of coupons which it is un­der­stood are to be used for the ra­tioning of jam.

Th­ese new books will con­tinue the sys­tem un­til May 2, 1919.



In last night’s storm, the Al­bert Mill, of the Whit­worth Man­u­fac­tur­ing Com­pany, was struck by light­ning.

The roof of the five-storey mill build­ing caught fire and was blaz­ing fu­ri­ously when the mo­tor en­gine with a com­ple­ment of men from the Rochdale brigade reached the spot.

Two jets from the main were promptly brought into play and were found suf­fi­cient.

Ow­ing to the rafters be­ing alight the fire­men re­moved a por­tion of the roof.

The sprin­klers came into op­er­a­tion in the draw­ing room on the top floor.

It was two hours be­fore the fire brigade could safely leave the build­ing.

Ow­ing to the fact that the Whit­worth hol­i­day is be­ing taken this week, no em­ploy­ees were in the mill.

The dam­age, largely caused by water, has not yet been es­ti­mated.


To the ed­i­tor of the Rochdale Ob­server

Sir, with ref­er­ence to the let­ter from Mr G. B. Wil­liamson on the smoke ques­tion, I am glad to see that he points out what ev­ery ex­pert on fuel con­sump­tion knows, that a clear chim­ney is not nec­es­sar­ily an eco­nom­i­cal one, but my ob­ject in writ­ing is to point out that the ma­jor quan­tity of smoke pro­duced in our town comes from house fires.

If you will take a po­si­tion on one of our sur­round­ing hills on a clear Sun­day morn­ing about 11.30 to noon, you will see the fog of smoke which hangs over the town from the cook­ing of the Sun­day din­ner.

The best cure for this is the use of gas for cook­ing and com­mu­nal kitchens.

One im­por­tant point Mr Wil­liamson omits is the re­fusal of any col­liers or deal­ers to de­liver coal which shall con­form to a sci­en­tific test of the Bri­tish Ther­mal Units.

Some mu­nic­i­pal en­gi­neers have tried to in­sert a clause to this ef­fect in the con­tracts but have not been suc­cess­ful, and un­til the seller of coal is obliged to de­liver fuel con­tain­ing an agreed upon stan­dard of BTUs we shall not avoid ex­ces­sive smoke and the usual ex­cuse of the fire­man of ‘bad coal.’

It is quite time that rule of thumb methods gave way to sci­en­tific tests H BRIGHT, WHIT­WORTH. ●●WAR CA­SU­AL­TIES

Lance-Corp Frank Cryer, of the Lan­cashire Fusiliers, son of Mr and Mrs Cryer of 15 Al­bert Royds Street, Rochdale, was killed in ac­tion on Au­gust 22. He was 20 years of age and mar­ried. In civil life he was an agent for the Pru­den­tial As­sur­ance Com­pany.

Mrs E. Kelly of 88 Wors­ley Street, Rochdale, has been of­fi­cially in­formed of the death in ac­tion on Au­gust 28, of her brother Pri­vate Wil­fred Kelly, 22, of the Lan­cashire Fusiliers.

In civil life, he worked as a carter for the Lan­cashire and York­shire Rail­way Com­pany.


On Thurs­day evening the ‘rear­ing’ of the Rochdale Town Hall was cel­e­brated by a sup­per in the large assem­bly room over the Cooperative Store, Toad Lane.

The rear­ing of so large and mag­nif­i­cent a build­ing may he looked upon as an im­por­tant event by both the con­trac­tors and the pub­lic.

In this case, the rear­ing is very far ad­vanced.

The west end is al­ready cov­ered in and slated, por­tions of the east end are rapidly ap­proach­ing com­ple­tion also, and those who have glanced at the build­ing dur­ing the past week will have no­ticed the erec­tion of sev­eral prin­ci­pals for the roof of the great hall which, in fit­ting pro­por­tions to the whole build­ing, will be one of the finest halls in the king­dom,.

●●Ad­ver­tise­ments from 1918 edi­tions of the Rochdale Ob­server

●●Lance Cor­po­ral Frank Cryer was killed in ac­tion

●●Pri­vate Wil­fred Kelly was also re­ported to be killed in ac­tion

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