How to give Jack Frost the cold shoul­der

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WITH white frosty morn­ings also comes icy roads, that’s why Richard Glad­man from IAM Road­S­mart has put to­gether some ad­vice on how to deal with driv­ing and rid­ing on ice - and keep Jack Frost at bay.

Only drive if it is re­ally nec­es­sary.

In very bad weather it is bet­ter to stay in or take pub­lic trans­port rather than risk an ac­ci­dent.

Al­ways check the weather and road con­di­tions on your route be­fore set­ting off, if po­lice ad­vise not to travel, then do not risk it.

Make sure you know how the de-mis­ter set­tings on your car work and how to ad­just them prop­erly.

If you are rid­ing, a clean scratch-free vi­sor with a prop­erly fit­ted in­sert will help you stay mist free.

Never pour boil­ing wa­ter on the screen as the sud­den tem­per­a­ture change may cause cracks.

Preven­tion is bet­ter than a cure so if pos­si­ble cover the glass overnight with card­board or an old sheet to pre­vent freez­ing or in­vest in a wind­screen cover.

If you haven’t done so al­ready, get an an­tifreeze check at your lo­cal garage or fast-fit cen­tre.

Keep your washer bot­tle topped up with an even stronger con­cen­tra­tion of de-icer.

It might sound like old news, but you may need up to 10 times the dis­tance to stop in icy con­di­tions. In­crease your fol­low­ing dis­tance to ac­count for this.

If a car has to stop sud­denly or worse still, an crash oc­curs, you will need that ex­tra time to re­act and stop.

Richard, head of driv­ing and rid­ing stan­dards at the UK’s largest in­de­pen­dent road safety char­ity, said: “As ever, prepa­ra­tion and plan­ning are the key to worry-free driv­ing when the mer­cury plum­mets. Plan your route care­fully as ma­jor routes are likely to be treated with salt and less likely to be icy, al­though this might still form in dips and on bridges and in shaded ar­eas.

“Leave more time for your jour­ney, re­spect the con­di­tions and don’t rush.

“Fac­tor in de­lays and give your­self plenty of time to clear the ice prop­erly from all the win­dows of your car.”

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