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THE COUSINS by Karen M McManus, Penguin, paperback £7.99, ebook £4.99


KAREN M McMANUS’ latest thriller draws you in from the start. Cousins Audrey, Mildred and Jonah – all 18 – are virtually strangers, and they’ve been invited to their grandmothe­r’s prestigiou­s resort to work during the summer holidays and get to know her – and each other – a little better.

This is a big deal, because their parents have all been mysterious­ly disinherit­ed by their grandmothe­r.

The trio attempts to unravel the mystery and restore their family – but it soon becomes clear life is a lot more sinister than the glamorous East Coast island would suggest.

McManus’ real strength is her witty and sharp dialogue that delivers the plot at a punchy pace. She adds just the right level of detail and character growth to make a thoroughly enjoyable read for teens and adults alike.

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