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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which singer-songwriter recorded the albums The Times They Are A-Changin’ and Blood On The Tracks?

A John Lennon B Johnny Cash C Bob Dylan D Billy Bragg

2. Which French King Louis was called the Sun King?


3. The original carpetbagg­ers were people trying to profit from the disruption after which war?

A The Crimean War

B The First World War C The Balkan War

D The American Civil War

4. In which year of the 1970s was the Suez Canal reopened?

A 1970 B 1975 C 1971 D 1979

5. Which vegetable’s scientific name is Nasturtium officinale?

A Cabbage B Watercress C Lettuce D Onion

6. Which new multi-story romantic comedy film about people who work on weddings stars Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons?

A The Wedding Planner

B Love, Weddings & Other Disasters C Love Wedding Repeat

D The Wedding Singer

7. Which British artist painted a portrait of Winston Churchill that was destroyed on the instructio­ns of Lady Churchill?

A Richard Mildenhall B Brian Fredericks C Ronald Doon D Graham Sutherland

8. Who wrote Anna of the Five Towns and Clayhanger?

A Adam Bennett B Charles Bennett C Thomas Bennett D Arnold Bennett

9. Which British thriller writer created the characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple?

A Colin Dexter

B Sir Arthur Conan Doyle C Richard Phillips D Dame Agatha Christie

10. Which shrub is cultivated for its leaves used as a culinary herb and the oil extracted from its bluish flowers?

A Rosemary B Thyme C Parsley D Sage

11. Which US state includes the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles?

A California B Arizona C Florida D Daytona

12. Who had a top ten hit single in 1967 with Hey Joe?

A Bob Dylan

B Jimi Hendrix Experience C John Lennon

D Mick Jagger

13. What was the surname of the French emperor Napoleon I?

A Royale

B Le Roi C Bonnepartr­ie D Bonaparte

14. Who had a 1962 hit with Right Said Fred?

A The Who

B The Kinks C Bernard Cribbins D Chas and Dave

15. Which British trade unionist was general secretary of the Transport and General Workers’ Union from 1968 to 1978?

A Jack Dromey B Jack Jones C Jack Daniels D Bill Morris

 ??  ?? Diane Keaton See Question 6.
Diane Keaton See Question 6.

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