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that the London-centric government is more than likely, unofficial­ly of course, to prioritise those areas over the North.

Could it be that this much-vaunted ban is just an attention-grabbing “promise” with no substance or thought to it? After all, it took four weeks for me to get a reply – perhaps it was my question that actually made Mr

ONE good deed to raise spirits in a very bleak year.

My husband and I were visiting our son’s grave at Bacup Cemetery on New Year’s Eve when our car became stuck on a very icy slope.

It would not move and we were wondering what to do when our problem was solved. There was no-one around except a young man out walking with his family.

He immediatel­y saw our situation and came to our assistance.

He filled up two bags with sand and grit, carried the very heavy bags a few hundred yards back to our car, spread the stuff all around the car for us and we were on our way.

We are both in our mid eighties and were very, very grateful to that young man for his very welcome help.

A big thank you to him from two very grateful oldies.

Many thanks

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