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Lessons to unlock home dance moves

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ADANCE and fitness studio is hoping the offer of free lessons can get people moving during Lockdown 3.

Helen Rothwell, who runs Fusion Dance and Fitness at the Doals Centre in Weir, says her online dance lessons will help to keep spirits high in the coming weeks.

The studio offers dance, fitness and Zumba classes to children and adults and had to move most of its lessons online, following the first lockdown last March.

She said: “It’s so important for people’s mental health. I’ve had children in tears when they’ve not been able to come to class in person.

“One parent said that their child was bouncing off the walls just from having a 40-minute dance Zoom session; it was the highlight of her day.”

But it is also the social aspect of the classes she says will be important, especially now have closed.

“At the end of the session we let them unmute themselves and they get to say ‘hi’ to their friends,” she said.

“Not only are they doing something they enjoy, they also get that connection with their friends as well.

“A lot of children went back to school on Monday thinking it was back to normal, and Monday evening came as a shock.

“So I thought it’d be nice to offer a free lesson as children can’t go anywhere.”

Helen hopes her offer of free lessons can get people moving during Lockdown 3.

“In January we tend to take on a lot of new adults because of people wanting to keep fit and having New Year’s resolution­s,” she said.

“A lot of adults have the intention of getting fit and coming to our fitness classes.

“Unfortunat­ely this year that has been lost so I’ve been really looking at ways to continue to offer the dance classes at home.” schools

A dancer all her life, Helen is hopeful that her dance and fitness classes can provide some much needed motivation during this stressful time.

“People’s motivation has really been tested but the minute you do that workout the feeling you get afterwards is great, you feel energised.

“I had a lot of people who had never used Zoom before.

“When you mention you’ve got to download an app it frightens them but once they’ve done it once, they’re away.”

To claim a free lesson from Fusion Dance and Fitness send Helen a text message on 07873 766101.

 ??  ?? ●● A Fusion Dance and Fitness online Zoom class
●● A Fusion Dance and Fitness online Zoom class

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