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Cyclists could get access to footpaths

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FOOTPATHS on the ‘ Valley of Stone’ route could be made into joint- use cycleways, for both pedestrian­s and cyclists.

The current route, on Bacup Road in Rawtenstal­l, has some sections which do not allow offroad or quiet road access for cyclists so the footpaths are to be widened in order to provide shared use.

It is hoped that by widening sections of the existing footpath it will reduce the risk of conflicts between cyclists and pedestrian­s.

The ‘ Valley of Stone’ route is a mainly offroad cycle route running from Rawtenstal­l to Rochdale and provides an east- to- west cycle link for towns and villages in the Valley.

There are six sections of path which are to be converted. These are:

On the eastern footway of Kay Street from 38 metres North of Bacup Road to its junction with Bacup Road.

On the northern footway of Bacup Road from its junction with Kay Street to a point 42 metres in an easterly direction.

On the southern footway of Bacup Road 27 metres from its junction with Kay Street to its junction with Fallbarn Fold.

On the western footway of Fallbarn Fold from its junction with Bacup Road for a distance of 14 metres in a southerly direction.

From the southern extent of Fallbarn Fold, north of the River Irwell, to the Toucan Crossing at the northern side of Bocholt Way.

On the footway to the South of the River Irwell from the Bocholt

Way/ Fallbarn Crescent Junction eastwards until it meets Fallbarn Road.

A copy of the associated documents may be inspected on Lancashire County Council’s website at www. lancashire. gov. uk/ media/ 920963/ site- notice. pdf

Any representa­tions or objections ( specifying the grounds on which they are made) relating to the proposal must be made in writing and should be sent to The Director of Corporate

Services, Lancashire County Council, PO Box 78, County Hall, Preston PR1 8XJ or by email to tro- consultati­on@ lancashire. gov. uk quoting ref: LSG4\ 894.12486\ AFR before Friday, January 15.

 ?? Google Maps ?? l● The site of the proposed changes to the footpaths around Bacup Road in Rawtenstal­l
Google Maps l● The site of the proposed changes to the footpaths around Bacup Road in Rawtenstal­l

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