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CHILDREN’S book of the week

- Review by Holly Williams

CAT KID COMIC CLUB by Dav Pilkey Scholastic, £10.99 (ebook £8.04)

★★★★ ★

FANS of Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man books will be cheering from the rooftops at the launch of a new series featuring the furry feline character Li’l Petey (aka Cat Kid).

Cat Kid Comic Club manages to pull off the tricky combinatio­n of being hilariousl­y funny while delivering sound life lessons.

It sees Cat Kid trying to teach little frogs how to draw comic books, with all Pilkey’s usual ridiculous humour thrown in.

From obligatory poo jokes to sandwiches that turn into monsters, this graphic novel will appeal to the silly in every reader.

It also deals with important moral messages, teaching kids it is alright to fail and why we need to focus on what we love.

Pilkey can draw in even the most reluctant readers – and this book may also encourage them to create their own comics too.

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