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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which Russian goldsmith was famous for his jewelled Easter eggs which were given by the tsars to the tsarinas? A Maurice Lecroix B Peter Carl Faberge C Christian Dior D Jean Cartier 2. Which controvers­ial policy of the European Union is abbreviate­d to CAP? A Common Agricultur­al Policy B Common Armament Policy C Creative Arts Programme D Cultural Alignment Policy 3. Which English poet wrote Sonnets from the Portuguese? A Percy Bysshe Shelley B Lord Tennyson

C Lord Byron

D Elizabeth Barrett Browning 4. Who was the faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey? A Pandora B Miranda C Helena D Penelope 5. Which author wrote The Trial and The Castle? A Edgar Alan Poe B Richard Adams C Jon Grisham D Franz Kafka 6. Which TV sketch comedy ran from 1969 to 1974 and featured comedians including Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam? A Not the Nine O’Clock News B Monty Python’s Flying Circus C The Goodies

D Rutland Weekend Television 7. What was the name for a Roman marketplac­e that was the civic centre of a town? A Piazza B Forum C Ampitheatr­e D Colosseum 8. What is the name of the alphabet used for writing modern Slavic languages such as Russian? A Russo alphabet B Slavian alphabet C Cyrillic alphabet D Eastern alphabet 9. Which purple-black halogen is represente­d by the symbol I? A Indium B Iodine C Iridium D Iron 10. Who wrote the music and lyrics for the film The Sound of Music?

A Rodgers and Hammerstei­n B Lionel Bart

C Richard and Robert Sherman D Leonard Bernstein 11. In which country is the city of Wagga Wagga? A Columbia B Australia C Sri Lanka D India 12. What name is given to the art of decorating cloth with a needle and thread of which the Bayeux Tapestry is an example? A Embroidery B Patching C Sewing D Knitting 13. Who was the second president of the US? A Thomas Jefferson B John Adams C George Washington D James Monroe 14. Who starred in the title role in the 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia? A Peter O’Toole B Anthony Quinn C Spencer Tracy D Laurence Olivier 15. Which one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles wore an orange head scarf and was ‘a party dude’? A Michelange­lo B Raphael C Leonardo D Donatello

 ??  ?? Eric Idle
See Question 6.
Eric Idle See Question 6.

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