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Crumbs of no comfort from the budget


THIS column got it wrong. Last week, I wrote that Rossendale had gained essentiall­y nothing from the Budget.

Turns out we did get something £50,000 to support work on looking at whether the East Lancashire Railway could be re-ropened to regular rail services.

Talk about crumbs from the table.

Money was thrown around with abandon elsewhere in the country and the best we get is £50k to essentiall­y repeat work done already?

Work which cost more than £50k to do in the first place?

Looking through the list of things being funded as part of the so-called Levelling Up Agenda, more money was been spent in other parts of the country on protecting a pub than on potentiall­y giving Rossendale a decent rail service.

I think it’s fair to say that that the prospect of a regular commuter service from Rossendale to anywhere is as far away as ever.

Next stop, Groundhog Day!

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