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‘Painful’ death of sheep


A SHEEP suffered a ‘painful death’ after running into a fence and breaking its neck trying to escape from a dog.

Rossendale Police were called a farm on Bacup on Friday, October 29 following reports a dog had chased a sheep which had died.

Dog owners are being urged to keep their pets on a lead while they are around sheep and cattle or face a criminal prosecutio­n.

A Rossendale

Police spokespers­on said: “Yesterday your Rossendale Rural

Task Force attended a farm in Bacup after a report a dog had chased a sheep which had died.

“The sheep had run into a fence in an attempt to escape the dog and broken its neck, suffering a painful death.

“Sheep worrying is an offence so please, please, please if you are a dog walker be a responsibl­e one and put your dogs on the lead around sheep and cattle.

“The last thing we want is to have to deal with someone criminally for a totally avoidable sheep worrying offence. “

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