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War memorial will be finished by end of year

- CHRIS GEE Local Democracy Reporter

ANEW stone war memorial and gardens are set to be finished by the end of the year, despite changes to the design due to ‘the pandemic and Brexit’.

The memorial, which is being built close to the existing stone cross at St Paul’s church in Ramsbottom, will install new stone plinths to display the names of those from the town who fell in conflict during the two world wars and other conflicts.

The project is a partnershi­p between community interest group Proffitts and Bury Council, who own the land.

Changes to the original plans have been lodged with planning authoritie­s this week after difficulti­es

were encountere­d in getting sandstone blocks of the required size to fulfil the original plans.

A statement by Proffitts said: “It was proposed to create the new war memorial from sandstone, carved with the names of those who fell in conflict.

“This new memorial was to be created by 14 large separate blocks of stone, butted together, forming two quarter circles to the rear of the existing memorial.

“However, due to the combinatio­n of the pandemic and Brexit, it has been impossible to get sufficient quality stone at this size.

“The applicatio­n for amendment for the new memorial ensures the overall dimensions of the new memorials will be the same, the style and appearance will not change. However, each of the 14 segments of the memorial will be created from two separate pieces of stone.

“From the front of the memorial and the rear there will be no discerniwb­le difference in the appearance. It will only be visible from the site.”

The applicatio­n said that work was set to start on the second phase of the project in November.

Work already completed at the Bridge Street site in the spring included resurfacin­g and edging the paths and improving boundary walls.

The existing war memorial has been cleaned and the lettering highlighte­d.

The work is to be completed by the end of December 2021 includes tree planting along boundaries, shrub planting to the north of the site and installati­on of the new war memorial.

The memorial will have engraved the names of around 500 service personnel from the old urban district of Ramsbottom who gave their lives in conflict.

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