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Guilty of chocolate theft – but you have To admire her ingenuity


We’ve taken the children to some amazing National Trust homes, fabulous gardens and scenic locations over the last few years – but if you ask them what the highlight of the day is they’ll reply, “ice cream” or “cake”.

For what I can only assume are genetic reasons, they love anything involving sugar or fat in large quantities, no matter how hard we push avocados and blueberrie­s.

We limit their exposure to one sugary treat a day at 3pm, which we call ‘snack time’.

I usually buy whatever is on special offer. Last week, it was Mini Rolls and I decided a 12-pack would last the week.

But next day I took them from the cupboard to retrieve the crumpets behind and found them to a little light.

“There’s only one left,” I shouted to Victoria. She seemed equally confused and said she had only given them two, which left us with a shortfall of nine.

They were in the top cupboard way out of the reach of anyone small, which led me to suspect a manufactur­ing error, but Victoria said it was full when she opened them.

Thankfully it was a Saturday morning, and I had the time to lightly interrogat­e the prime suspects, starting with Thomas, who was preoccupie­d with Lego, and showed neither interest nor guilt as I lightly grilled him.

I spotted his sister lurking, who answered, “I haven’t put them in my

bedroom”, to my first question, thereby elevating her to prime suspect.

“Show me where you didn’t put them,” I replied and she issued strict instructio­ns for me to wait at the bottom of the stairs, while she looked.

She returned with three wrapped Mini Rolls leaving us six short, so I asked, “where didn’t you put the wrappers?” She crypticall­y replied, ‘“not in my house”, which Victoria explained related to her den behind the sofa, where I found six chocolate-smeared empty

Mini Roll wrappers, drawing an end to the investigat­ion.

The only remaining mystery was to be solved within minutes, when I walked into the kitchen to find she’d used a chair to climb onto the counter-top and was now precarious­ly balanced on the microwave with an outstretch­ed hand trying to retrieve the Mini Rolls I’d only just taken from her.

“Put the Mini Rolls down and step away from the cupboard,” I shouted.

As Emma clambered down, I felt pride at her ingenuity and determinat­ion, but also fear for the future, when she’d had time to really hone her ability to steal and conceal the evidence.

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 ?? ?? Curses. Foiled again
Curses. Foiled again

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