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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What is the anticlimax of a sudden descent from the sublime to the commonplac­e called?

A Anabasis

B Bowdlerise

C Antithesis

D Bathos

2. In which country is the city of Meerut, where a famous mutiny began in 1857?

A India

B Pakistan

C Afghanista­n

D Russia

3. Which of the Channel Islands is the largest by area?

A Alderney

B Guernsey

C Jersey

D Sark

4. Which British actor played Robert McCall in The Equalizer? A Dudley Moore

B Edward Woodward

C Roger Moore

D Sean Connery

5. Who wrote the novel Washington Square?

A Henry Irving B Henry Thomas C Henry Wallace D Henry James

6. Which 2014 hit by Taylor Swift is about her indifferen­ce to her detractors and their negative view of her image?

A Shake it Off

B Let it Go

C Forget it

D Shrug it Off

Taylor Swift See Question 6.

7. What sort of creature is a shih tzu?

A A cat

B A dog

C A snake

D A rat

8. What is a comic old woman in pantomime usually played by a man called?

A A hag

B A dame

C A crone

D A madame

9. Which famous white marble mausoleum in Agra was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his

favourite wife?

A The Ranjah Mahal

B The Punjab Mahal

C The Taj Mahal

D The Raj Mahal 10. What is the largest marsupial mammal?

A Red kangaroo

B Grizzly bear

C Giraffe

D Elephant

11. Which country attacked Pearl Harbor in the Second World War? A Germany


C Japan

D Italy

12. In what year was the Lockerbie bombing?

A 1992

B 1983

C 1979

D 1988

13. Which pop legend released the single Seven Years In Tibet? A Elvis Presley

B Jim Morrison

C David Bowie

D Mick Jagger

14. Of which fruit is the plantain a subspecies?

A Apple

B Banana

C Strawberry

D Melon

15. In mammals, what is the name for the region of the body extending from the lower surface of the diaphragm to the pelvis?

A Thorax

B Stomach

C Rib cage

D Abdomen

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