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Firework thrown at shop worker


THE mother of a young man who ‘had a firework thrown at him’ has spoken of her horror.

The 21-year-old, who asked to remain anonymous, had just completed his shift at Bargain Booze in Ramsbottom when the incident happened.

He was pulling the shutters down on the Bolton Road West store when two men approached him from behind on Tuesday, November 2.

He claims the men, who had their faces covered with snoods at the time, then aimed a firework at him.

Thankfully, they missed and landed on the road without causing injury.

His mother said: “It was just a bit of a shock. He managed to get out of the way and they legged it.

“They were across the road and he had his back to them. It’s all a bit of a blur where they came from. It’s made me anxious. I know he’s 21 but he’s still my child.

“I have other children who go out with their friends and they might not be as lucky. When he’s pulling the shutters down he’s very anxious of it happening again.”

Despite problems elsewhere in the region, Rossendale police chiefs were relieved by no noticeable rise in incidents caused by Bonfire Night – compared to a normal Friday night.

 ?? ?? ●●Bargain Booze on Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom where the attack took place
●●Bargain Booze on Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom where the attack took place

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