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Bigger fish to fry than GP service


LOCAL councillor­s seem to have fallen in step with the Daily

Mail in turning their attention to GP appointmen­ts being held online rather than in person.

A special meeting of the overview and scrutiny committee has been called to review what is happening. It’s worth noting they have no influence over local health service providers, so quite why this has become their top issue in the Valley is unknown.

After all, they could investigat­e what’a gone wrong with the Spinning Point Developmen­t, or maybe the Empty Homes Scandal.

That’s the point of overview and scrutiny - it’s supposed to provide oversight and scrutiny of the council.

It’s only 18 months ago we were standing on our doorsteps, banging pots and clapping every Thursday night to say thank you to the NHS.

Now we’ve got a Government threatenin­g to take away the jobs of anyone not vaccinated, and a council which seems to think it should be investigat­ing GP appointmen­ts at a time when, frankly, the local authority has much bigger fish to fry.

A crying shame.

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